Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seven at One Blow

Ok, so I'm not quite that good, but I have done several accessories in two days. My official 365 Accessories item from yesterday was a hair clip from Stephanie Lynn's blog: Under the Table and Dreaming. I just used cheap felt from JoAnn's and a hot glued it to a small hair clip. Today's official entry was a second rose for my friend Christel. I made her's with lavender felt. However, I made my felt rose at about 12:30 in the morning yesterday, which left me lots of time during the day to work on other things. So, I decided to make another pair of fingerless gloves.

For those of you who are counting that makes 5 pairs in about two weeks. I was using bulky yarn and found a cute pattern over on Spindle and Wheel. I like the pattern, but they ended up being a little snug for the person I had in mind, so Christel ended up with those too.

Today's official item was the rose for Christel, but then I decided to take that a step further and made this little item...
The feathers just make it something special I think. But, that was done by 10 this morning! So, I worked on some wreathes for the store and then this evening I started... that's right! More fingerless gloves!

This pattern is from KnitPicks and it's the same one I used to make Benji's gloves a few days ago, but for whatever reason they aren't fitting quite right with the change in yarn. I'm going to have to tweak the pattern to have some plain knit rows before we get to the thumb increases I think. I've got enough yarn to make two more gloves, so I can alter things on the second glove and then make an exact mate to it if I decide that it's worth it. I may be willing to put up with one wonky glove though.

Then, just for fun, before bed, I made the sweetest little clip. And on that note, I'm off to bed.

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