Sunday, January 9, 2011

Accessories #2

Two blog posts in 1 day? The world may be ending. The ice storm coming down outside certainly seems to agree with that.
But, this blog is to announce that for the second day in a row... I have made something! I did indeed finish the first of the fingerless gloves I'm making for Benji.
As I said before, the yarn & the pattern both came from Knitpicks.
This will be the third pair of fingerless gloves I've made recently. The other two pairs came from the Kitchen Sink Dyeworks Badass Women's Yarn Club pattern for December. This is the best club I've ever been in. I get awesome custom yarn & patterns and each month part of my fee goes to an awesome charity. December's Badass was Kris Crawford who works to end dog fighting and to educate inner city kids on dog safety with all breeds, but also to teach them to respect the dogs.
I haven't seen a Badass Woman that I'm not proud of, but Kris's organization is especially exciting for me since my boss's son has recently adopted a female pit bull that was used for baiting in dog fights. He's named her Emma and she's super sweet. When he first found her she was hiding under his truck and in pretty rough shape. She's doing really well now and making a place for herself in the Little Professor pet family.

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