Monday, January 10, 2011

Day #3

Day 3 and I'm still on track. My third accessory is an iPod case made from fulled wool from a failed sweater attempt and the free pattern from LarkCraft's Doodle Stitch Along. I added snaps & a belt loop. I'm contemplating a button, but I don't know. My interfacing is still caught up in the embroidery, but it's water soluble so I'll wash it out tonight.

I managed to get this relatively time consuming project done thanks to the snowpocalypse that landed on Birmingham. Granted, compared to winters in MA it's nothing, but an inch of mixed snow and sleet around here pretty much paralyzes the city. Alabama just isn't equipped to deal with icy roads. So, I got to stay home today and play with my toys. I did pop out for some brisk exercise consisting of shoveling my driveway. That was... fun.
I picked up Dad's dogs on Friday. So far they're getting along with my animals pretty well. Daphne has some joint problems and Tango has a skin condition, but they're sweet animals. They're both on diets now, which should help with all their problems. They each had (in their own way) hard lives before coming to live with Dad, so he pretty much let them eat whatever/whenever they wanted.

This is Tango. She lived with a lady who had over 20 dogs. They were all adequately housed/fed/cleaned, but with that many they couldn't get the amount of attention that they needed. So Tango is clingier than kudzu. If you call any other animal's name she'll show up. If one of the other animals is 2 feet from me she has to be 1 foot away. She'll sit on top of Daphne to make sure that she's closer. Right now she's got irritated skin, but we're going to the vet Friday to get it checked out.

Daphne was a Hurricane Katrina rescue. She's about 8 now. She moves slowly and she's got some balance & joint issues, but she's a trooper. If you take them out without leashes Tango will stick close, but Daphne will lumber off much faster than you'd expect. She's a pretty quiet dog most of the time.
They're both sweethearts. Although, between the two of them and Ilsa, I've got to say, the bed is getting very crowded at night. I'm waiting for the morning I wake up with the three of them on the mattress and me on the floor in their dog bed. At least it's a big dog bed.

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  1. That's a lot of puppy and not a lot of bed. :)