Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cheater (with bonus pets!)

So, days 5 & 6 are combined into one post since I was making a pair of fingerless mitts; one for each day. Once again, I'm using the Best Friend Mitts pattern from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks' Badass Women's Yarnclub.
The first mitt got made Wednesday despite "help" from Kristen's cats Delilah and Henry. I was also generally having trouble. I messed up the pattern repeatedly, I forgot to change needles, I got all kinds of crazy math going on. I was already fudging things a little because I was knitting these in organic cotton instead of animal fiber, because the guy I'm making them for is allergic to wool. Since cotton doesn't have the same spring that wool does I was playing with the math to try to make them fit better (I'm not at all sure I succeeded.) But, by 10:00 or so I had the first mitt done!
Then Thursday rolled around and I started on the second mitt... and a nasty, sinus-y cold. Bleh. So I came home from work a little early thinking I'd relax with some Twitter and some knitting. About 10 rows in I started nodding off so I took myself for a nap. And woke up (semi) refreshed and ready to go. That's when the internet jumped up and snatched my attention span. I swear! That's what happened. It totally wasn't my fault. These three DIY/Decor blogs ambushed me!
UndertheTableandDreaming Nesting Place

So, after looking at awesome ideas for all sorts of things I realized that I was a little behind on my knitting. And, of course, my own pets wanted to help just like Kristen's did. Bela decided to help from my lap, while Callie stayed on the floor to better ensure full coverage of all possible yarn escape routes. I finished the body of the mitt by midnight, but (and this is the part where I cheat) the thumb took me until 12:30. But, I'm going to apply the Warren Ellis definition and say morning is whenever I get up and the day isn't over until I go to bed. So, really, it's still Thursday, Day 6 of my 365 Accessories. So there.

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