Sunday, October 31, 2010

348 baby!

So, as of today, thanks to one of Dad's AMAZING neighbors, we have 348 sponsored cranes. I've started folding them and I hope to drop them off this weekend when I'm in Memphis. One of my friends got some extra cranes today for her pre-school classroom. Totally awesome idea.
I've been thinking about projects. There are definitely going to be some crane mobiles and some crane earrings. I've had a request for miniature bottled cranes, so I'm thinking pendants with those. I need to go find some spray polyurethane to coat all the jewelry cranes so that they will hold up a little better. I also want to try some experiments... maybe a felt crane? or a plush crane? I'll have to try it and see what works.
Hey there Little Red Riding Hood
I sent Dad a picture of my Halloween costume for today (Little Red Riding Hood). He thought I looked cute. He's lost some more weight, but he seemed in good spirits. My aunt was visiting this weekend. They talked about a bunch of stuff this weekend. He told me, "Sweetie, I was shocked, but apparently you and I aren't the only ones with issues from childhood. Who knew?" I'm headed up there Thursday night for his birthday, which is on Saturday.
I'll post lots of project pictures as they start rolling out.

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