Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wow, you guys ROCK!!!

So, as of 12:55 a.m. today I am at 260 sponsored cranes.
Let me say that number again... 260!!!!
This is less than 48 hours after the project went live. I am blown away by how kind and generous everyone is being. Thank you!

So far, I've actually gotten 108 of them folded. I'm trying to stay pretty on top of things. I've got some ideas for projects to do with cranes that stay with me. Some of the first cranes to go off to their new home took flight (via the USPS) to Massachusetts today. Another tiny army of cranes will get picked up on Saturday. Remember to let me know if you want your cranes or if you want to leave them with me.
Bucket o cranes

Here's a peek at some of the origami paper I'm using right now... Origami paper 2

This paper was sent to me by a friend teaching in Japan. As far as I can tell it looks like most of it was screen printed or block printed. Some of the pieces are very textured. It's pretty cool stuff. So far I've used about a third of what's actually in the box. I've got a few random collections of "real" origami paper before I'll have to get creative. I figure around the 500 crane mark anything goes!

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