Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthdays & Travel Plans

So, I haven't caught up in a while because I've been at Dad's house in Memphis for his 62nd birthday party. He doesn't have wifi and I love this blog, but I'm not updating it from my phone.
The current crane count is 412! This is so awesome. It's so awesome that I've come up with a new idea. I want to expand. To build upon our success! I want the cranes to travel to all 50 states! If you've already got cranes then take a picture with a) a recognizable landmark or b) a roadsign or c) something that typifies the state and email it to me, post it on my facebook wall, or tweet it with my twitter id in it(medusasmirror).
So far; AL, MA and SC are all accounted for, but I'd love to get multiple pictures from each state so don't hesitate to participate just because you're in a state that's already claimed. And if you've got friends or relatives in unclaimed states get the on board too! I'm going to need lots of help on this one.
I'll write more about the weekend with dad later.

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